Frequently Asked Questions

When you make an enquiry with us we will contact you with your preferred method to discuss your needs for your next new car. We will go through the buying process and once we have decided on the best option for you we will send you our formal offer via email.

Your brand new LHD car will come with all the needed paperwork for your countries’ registration and insurance, plus full manufactures warranty with no hidden costs.
We can offer collection from many locations or if prefer a delivery to your home of place of work we can also arrange this too.

We accept payment in any currency, with or without VAT/Taxes. We also have agreements with carefully selected top leading Foreign Exchange currency experts who can assist you with fixing your currency.

With our extensive agreements with many car manufacturers and low running costs we will ensure you will be happy with both our service and prices, give us a try…its free.

Our advertised offers are just small example of what we offer, please get contact us for more information about your next LHD car.

Where do source your cars?

Our suppliers are throughout the EU and EEA so always European specification.

Do you only offer new cars?

Yes our expertise is offering the best prices on brand new cars, our prices are more advantageous than buying a slightly used car.

Currency and Foreign Exchange

We are UK based company and our main currency is therefore in British Pounds Sterling, GBP £, although we can offer in Euro’s and many other European Currencies.

Do you offer Discounts?

Our prices and offers are always the best prices as agreed with our extensive direct manufacture network.

Do you offer stock vehicles?

Yes! But majority of our offers are for a factory order. We can offer stock vehicles when available, although please note that these are usually fast moving so once they have gone they have gone.

Do your cars come with a warranty?

Yes, they will come with a full manufactures warranty.

Why are your prices without VAT/Tax?

We offer without VAT/Tax as majority of our customers are based in a different country to the car, for a brand new car you pay the VAT/Taxes in the country that you register car in not where you buy it from.

Collection or Delivery?

This is upto you, we can offer both collection or a home/office delivery, every order is bespoke to you.

Service and Maintenance of your new car

Just use your local Main Car Dealer.

Any other questions?

Please just ask, we here to help.

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